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Welcome to Cutest Baby Animals, the site that aims to be the number one destination on the web when it comes to cute, little, absolutely adorable, baby animals. We’ll try to answer most of your questions when it comes to these little critters, and among the things we’ll cover on the site are:

  • Cute-Baby-Giraffelots and lots of pictures with baby animals from various species and breeds
  • some information on them, like how big they are when they’re little, what they eat, if you can get them as pets, and if so, how much they usually cost
  • various breeds if the species has multiple variants (it’s the case with dogs, cats, horses and so on)
  • did I mention that we have lots and lots of pictures?
  • whenever possible we’ll give you videos as well with the various animals we cover here

If you want to check out the animals we have on the site, take a look at the categories we have for you in the sidebar. You’ll find all the information you’ll need there on each one.

And Here Are A Few Quick Facts About Baby Animals

If you’re not ready to jump in and learn more about the various baby animals we cover on this website, keep reading and learn a few random facts about some of these cute things. We’re going to cover more than just one species here, so if you’re looking for info on certain animals go to their own pages.

puppies-baby-dogs1. A puppy is about as helpless as a human baby is (and that’s saying a lot). If his mother is not around, his chances of survival are quite small, as he is as a newborn both blind and deaf, lacks teeth and can’t defend or feed himself.

2. Kittens will usually have the same type of blood, A, but the number of bones in their bodies and the structure of their skeleton can be quite different from one breed to the next. The ones that get longer bodies find it easier to jump around and to run fast.

3. Baby Parrots get their own names. According to researchers, parents of new chick parrots will give them their own unique sounds, which become their name. As the parrot turns into an adult, he even changes  that name, either by making it longer or shorter.

4. Playing with dolls is something that baby chimpanzees enjoy doing. This doesn’t happen just when you give them a modern toy to play with. They actually create dolls with dirt, sticks and stones, with their imagination serving as their guide.

panda-cub-baby5. If you want to know what the smallest cute baby animal is, then take a look at the panda cub, weighing only 3 to 5 ounces at birth.

6. A baby giraffe (like you see in the first image of this page) is extremely cute, but at the same time it can walk as soon as it is born. Only a couple of minutes after birth, the giraffe can already walk around and feed itself.

7. The same independence and self-reliance is seen in baby ducks as well. Ducklings can leave the nest after only a couple of hours, if they wanted to. They can swim, they have the fuzz coating to protect them from cold weather and they have their eyes open immediately.